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Borewell Installation

We have specialization in borewell cleaning and installation of pumps, keeping the customer preference at our priority.

Borewell Equipments

We are using best borewell equipments such as borewell rigs and pumps which are highly reliable and have high quality.

Borewell Repairing

borewell constructor for reliable and prompt repair services, ensuring your borewell functions seamlessly.

Borewell Recharge

we specialize in implementing rainwater recharge solutions, ensuring your borewell is replenished naturally.

Borewell Cleaning and flusing

Revitalize your borewell with our expert cleaning and flushing services, enhancing water quality and well performance.

Solar System

Earth pit drilling and installation are critical aspects of electrical safety and equipment protection. 

Rain Water Harvesting

We are using best borewell equipments such as borewell rigs and pumps which are highly reliable and have high quality.

Earth Pit Drilling & Installation

Earth pit drilling and installation are critical aspects of electrical safety and equipment protection. 

Earthing System

We drill earth pits as per customer’s requirments We execute the earthing systems for domestic as well as industrial purposes.

About Company

We are Pioneering Precision, Nurturing Trust - Your Reliable Water Source in Raigad

Established in 1996, Samarth Borewells excels in precision drilling, submersible pump services, and water conservation. Our 26-year legacy ensures reliability, transparency, and your trustworthy water source in Raigad.”
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Why Choose Samarth Borewells

Choose Samarth Borewells – Where Tradition Meets Technology for Your Water Needs

At Samarth Borewells, our legacy and commitment set us apart. Discover why we are the preferred choice for precision drilling, submersible pump services, and water conservation in Raigad.

Legacy of Excellence:

Over 26 years of industry leadership. Established in 1996, we bring unmatched experience.

Precision in Drilling:

Specialized in precise borewell drilling. Advanced equipment ensures accuracy.

Comprehensive Pump Services:

Authorized dealers for top submersible pump brands. Expert technicians for installation, repair, and service.

Championing Water Conservation:

Beyond drilling, we excel in rainwater harvesting. Committed to a sustainable water future.

Precision Borewell Drilling

"Our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment ensure precise borewell drilling, ranging from 4.5 to 8 inches. Experience excellence in water solutions."

Complete Borewell Solutions

"From installation to cleaning, we offer end-to-end borewell solutions tailored to your preferences. Over 26 years of expertise serving residential, industrial, and commercial clients."

Beyond Drilling Water Conservation Experts

"We go beyond drilling – Samarth Borewells is your partner in water conservation. Explore our rainwater harvesting system services and contribute to a sustainable future."

Authorized Submersible Pump Dealers

"Trust the experts for submersible pump solutions. As authorized dealers for top brands, our technicians ensure seamless installation, repair, and service. Your satisfaction is our priority."

Wide Range of Drilling Techniques

"We specialize in various drilling techniques, including rotary drilling, tubewell drilling, handbore/manual drilling, and compressor drilling. Versatility meets expertise."

Cost-Effective and Transparent Process

"Our commitment is to provide cost-effective services round the clock. With a transparent three-step process, we ensure your satisfaction in and around Raigad city."

Three Steps to Initiating Borewell Drilling


Initial Assessment

Before commencing borework in a specific area, our company conducts a comprehensive survey. This includes an analysis of the area’s geography, the type of sand present, the source of groundwater, and an assessment of water quality.


Detailed Examination

Relying solely on surveyor’s and diviners’ reports might not always provide a complete understanding of the bedding layers. Therefore, a more in-depth examination is conducted to ensure accurate measurements and assessments


Periodic Maintenance

Certain areas necessitate re-flushing every six months, especially in sandy terrains. when inserting the PVC pipe, slotter holes are carefully maintained within the range of 0.5mm to 1.5mm.This proactive approach ensures sustained efficiency in water flow and borewell safety.

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